We Incite* Entrepreneurs (and former executives).

*INCITE (transitive verb): to move to action : stir up : spur on : urge on

We provide the jet and runway. You bring the fuel.

We've identified 3 types of people that are perfect for this program:

Young Entrepreneurs.

With job prospects for college grads on a perpetual trajectory downwards to zero, and many young entrepreneurs without access to cash and guidance, it can seem pretty dismal out there. We'd like to change the game by de-risking businesses for young entrepreneurs and providing the necessary personal and professional development to turn those businesses into long-term successes.

Seasoned Entrepreneurs.

It's tough to find a viable business model, let alone build an administration system around the business to maintain and grow it. We can take your entrepreneurial spirit and business experience, couple that with our pre-packaged viable businesses and admin support, and send you on a one way ticket to success, with little to no risk to you.

Former Executives.

With the global economy still in shambles, and arguably never to rebound, there are millions of former executives struggling to find work. Incite intends to help these people transition into their own businesses where there is true security (and freedom), rather than continue to rely on others for employment, especially with that employment pool forever shrinking.

A couple of things to know:

If you're not ready to power a business or not sure what business would be best for you, no problem. You can come on as an intern (young entrepreneur) or contract worker (seasoned) first, learn how to effectively operate a business and discover your true passion over time. Once that passion is found, we will place you in an existing business that matches, or seek to build one with you.

If you're underemployed or not available full-time, no problem, we can either build a plan that allows for less attention on the business, or we can place you with others (i.e. partners) to make up for reduced effort. This can be a temporary scenario as well, where you stay at your current job/project until you see that the new business is able to support you.

Here's what we're looking for:

  • You have a fire in your belly, and ready to take on the world. You believe you can do anything with the right team.

  • You are excited by tech startups, online media, and/or online technologies.

  • You are finished school, unemployed or underemployed, and do not have any other major projects. Strong communication skills are important (or a strong desire to communicate effectively). Everything else we can provide.

  • If all this excites you, feels like a great opportunity, and you believe strongly that you will excel in an environment like this, please fill out the short form below.

Here's what you get in return:

  • An existing viable business, with a proven product or service. We have several business to chose from. They have already been proven to work and simply require a leader.

  • Administration support, including troubleshooting, accounting and legal (so you can focus on the important stuff).

  • Professional development and personal mentorship, provided by guys with decades of startup, tech and general business experience.

  • Equity stake in business and revenue share. You get ownership from day one with a clear share of revenue. Plus, we'll support all new viable spinoffs/startups.

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